PARTY – rise up planet 10


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Let’s celebrate together Planet 10 past and future!

On the 6th of april we will present the plan for building 5 more floors of planet 10 and introduce the crowdfunding campaign.
Come and be part of this new beginning for Planet 10 and its communities!
Grab your friends and loved ones, put some dancing shoes on and enjoy the music.


18:00 Kids space & cake and coffee
20:00 Infos „Rise Up Planet 10“
Live Performances: Hor 29 Novembar, Marin Shamov, Oluchukwu aka Lovemore
22:30 DJ sets: pop, dj báwo & more

Rise Up Planet 10 - Flyer für die Party am 6.4.2024 mit Programm und einer Zeichnung des 5 STockwerke größeren Hauses


Liebe Freund:innen, Unterstützer:innen, Ermöglicher:innen von Planet 10 und alle, die das kleine und hoffentlich bald große Haus in 1100 Wien noch nicht kennen,
am Samstag 6. April ab 18 Uhr feiern wir den Planeten und unser großes Umbau/Ausbau-Vorhaben für mehr Wohnraum und Community-spaces.
Bringt alle mit, mit denen ihr feiern und tanzen wollt.


18:00 Kinderraum & Kuchen und Kaffee
20:00 Infos „Rise Up Planet 10“
Live-Auftritte: Hor 29 Novembar, Marin Shamov, Oluchukwu alias Lovemore
22:30 DJ-Sets: Pop, dj báwo & mehr

Update No. 03-2023 Aufbau Planet 10

Finally in english

Wir haben unseren Flyer mit Basis Informationen ins Englische übersetzt.

Darin finden sich alle Infos zu den Aufbau-Plänen, dem aufruf für Direktkredite und Spenden sowie Infos zum Wandbild der Künstler:innen Amoako Boafo und Ani Ganzala.

The flyer with information on the conversion, donations and direct loans is now finally available in English

CONSTRUCTION – 6 floors and roof extension

Donations & direct loans wanted

Planet 10 is a cultural association and participatory house project in Vienna.
Purchased in 2009 with the help of direct loans and donations, Planet 10 now offers general use club rooms as well as living space for 4 adults and 3 children in 4 apartments.

But more access to affordable housing for all in anti-discriminatory structures is needed.

Together with GABU Heindl Architecture, we plan to build up to 6 upper floors to create more housing for those who need it most.

Finally in english

The info flyer about construction, donations and direct loans to Planet10.


Planet 10 is a former carter’s house. There are currently 4 apartments in it. On the first floor there are function rooms and in the basement there is a small stage for events.

Planet 10 Wien, Aussenansicht, zwischen 2 mehrstöckigen Gemeindebauten
Planet 10 Wien, Aussenansicht, zwischen 2 mehrstöckigen Gemeindebauten

Since 2009

Planet 10 bought the house with the help of direct loans and donations in 2009 for € 400,000.

It is a small one-story building surrounded by multi-story municipal buildings, centrally located in Vienna’s 10th district between the main train station, Viktor-Adler-Markt, the newly developed Sonnwendviertel urban development area and the lively pedestrian zone between the Reumann- and Keplerplatz subway stations, which is used by a wide variety of population groups.

The house was purchased ready for occupancy, renovated by residents and association members, and expanded to include ramps and a barrier-free WC.

For whom?

The apartments are available to people who are exposed to massive discrimination on the Viennese housing market and who, being new in Vienna and disadvantaged by structural racism, find it difficult to gain a foothold.

The house is very well established in different communities, multilingual, intersectional, participatory and barrier-free.


Planet 10’s non-profit activities are known Vienna-wide and beyond, among refugee support contexts, queer-migrant support structures or queer-feminist collectives.

Group Afrorainbow Austria has a home at Planet 10 House

Currently 9 languages are spoken in the house. By the residents as well as the activists, who together organize the house, events, maintenance, etc. on a voluntary basis.

Very soon it became clear that 4 apartments could only be a beginning. The idea to expand the house was there from the beginning, because this option was already a great desire at the time of purchase and was clarified architecturally.

2022, it begins with a large donation

This project now seems tangible, as the association has received a large donation in 2022, which is the starting signal for new plans.

Construction of 5 additional floors

In 2023, a construction of 5 more floors plus attic (event and meeting space) on the existing basement, first floor and 1st floor will be started.

The architectural office Gabu Heindl, specialized in realizations of public cultural and social buildings, urban planning studies as well as research on planning policy and public space, and known for its collaboration with participatory structures, is entrusted with the planning.

For this, it needs your support.
Help make affordable housing possible for refugees in an anti-discriminatory, self-managed project house.
With your donations and direct loans*, together we can make this plan a reality

Planet 10 was supported by Mietshäusersyndikat Deutschland in its foundation, and last but not least the interest-free (low interest) direct loans of many individuals made the project possible in the first place.

What is a direct loan?

A directly lent amount without the detour via a bank at individually agreed conditions (amount, term, interest). For more on the practice of direct loans and the neutralization of property (the removal of real estate from the market and thus from speculation), see the Austrian habiTAT or the Mietshäusersyndikat Germany.

The house, which is owned by the non-profit cultural association Planet 10, is to be transferred to the Mietshäusersyndikat-like Austrian habiTAT in the near future in order to permanently remove the house from the market.

This means to guarantee a self-determined form of living also for destitute persons, to prevent housing speculation and to neutralize ownership.

In 2016, a special mural was created at Planet 10.

Wandbild / Amoako Boafo, Ani Ganzala, Gesamtansicht
Wandbild / Amoako Boafo, Ani Ganzala, Gesamtansicht

The artists Amoako Boafo and Ani Ganzala designed an entire wall in the event area of the house.

This mural will not be destroyed in the existing structure and Planet 10 offers the opportunity to purchase this work of art.

Wandbild / Amoako Boafo, Ani Ganzala, Detail Signatur
Wandbild / Amoako Boafo, Ani Ganzala, Detail Signatur

Watch video of the mural

The painting was created during Amoako Boafo’s student days in Vienna at the Academy of Fine Arts. Due to the stunning international success of the Ghanaian artist, the picture is now of immense value.

Both artists support the project and the expansion with this extraordinary work of art, which was created especially for Planet 10, by waiving a fee or the purchase price in favor of Planet 10.

We are happy about every donation

No matter how much.
Support us in creating affordable housing for refugees in an anti-discriminatory, self-managed project house.

Contact us: info @

Account details:

Planet 10 CKulturverein
IBAN: AT482011129313011300

Direct loans for a term of 1 to 30 years

Or/and support us with a direct loan in the amount of your choice. With us you know exactly what we use your money for, which you do not need at the moment and with which we can build.

Park your money safely with us as a direct loan

Your money is safely parked with us, because we are able to repay all direct loans on the agreed repayment date, due to always new direct loans, some very long terms of direct loans, as well as donations and significantly more rental income after construction. We already used this practice when we bought the land and house in 2009, here the last direct loans are about to expire or have been repaid.

Term & Interest

After the term you have decided, your money will be paid back to you. For this we can also offer interest depending on the agreement and term.


After a contractually agreed period of time (e.g. after 2 or 5 years) you can get your loan back early in case of sudden personal need (after an agreed period of e.g. 3 months depending on the loan amount).


Should Planet 10 become insolvent during or after the construction period, the direct loans of the Housing Fund of the City of Vienna and any loans taken out with the bank must legally be repaid first. Only then will the private direct lenders follow. However, the association Planet 10 owns the property and the stock and thus a high real value, which guarantees security.

Contact us: info @

Bautag – Workday Sonntag 2. Juni 2019

liebe planet 10 nutzer_innen, dear planet 10 users
liebe freund*innen, dear friends

// english please see below


Bautag zum Renovieren vom Planet 10,  Planet 10 kennenlernen und gemütlich frühstücken


2. juni 2019
ab 11 Uhr


Planet 10, Pernerstorfergasse 12, 1100 Wien

Bilder vom letzten Bautag – See what we fixed at the last workday


Workday at planet 10 to fix broken things, clean and renovate or redecorate the house.


June 2nd 2019
start at 11.00 am


Planet 10, Pernerstorfergasse 12, 1100 Wien